New Game Update - 0.21.0

June 21, 2023

Hello, fellow explorers!

We're thrilled to bring you yet another incredible update. Are you ready to embark on a journey and discover what's fresh and exciting?

Here's a brief overview of the newest dazzling highlights:

  • New Oona’s Party Shop featuring Game Packs, Hangout Parties and a new Game Creator Tutorial - yay!
  • Improvements to Party Island tutorials, game results screen and the party flow - let's get the party started!
  • Brand new Spatial Us experience with new Featured post categories - finding the best games, parties, other build creations & the most popular selfies has never been easier!
  • Improvements to the Beginner Guide & early game experience - onboarding is still better and better!
  • Daily Helper tasks for more Mushcoin rewards
  • Discord party notifications - don’t ever miss a party again!
  • Loading screen tips - get some useful tips & tricks while the game is loading...
  • Bug fixes and other improvements - as always, we keep squashing the bugs!

Join us now and immerse yourself in a world of amplified merriment. Share your invaluable feedback & become an integral part of this Super Spatial experience!

Let's create some fun, explorers!


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