New Game Update - 0.20.0

June 1, 2023

Hello explorers,

new update is now live for everyone and we're happy to share all the dazzling new content that's waiting for you!

Here's a brief overview of the newest dazzling highlights:

Presenting brand new Game templates! Visit Oona in the town and play:
  • Lovers' Maze - Who's gonna be the fastest to find the right path through the maze? 
  • Rooftop Runner - Come on, parkourists, who's the best? 
  • Ice Race - Running on the icy surface can be quite slippery...
  • Pawesome Feast - Animals are waiting for you!
  • Pointy Path - Can you remember the correct path or will you get trapped?
  • Mountain Madness - Find the correct path and don't let the obstacles slow you down!
  • Lava Pool Party - Floor is lava, have you heard?
  • Party Pad - Let's get the party started, get everything before the time's up!

What else?
  • Improved onboarding & Beginners Guide - the onboarding part has never been this funny!
  • New "Edit" mode for your party island - make it easier to improve your level design...
  • Improved game stability - important stuff, right?
  • UI improvements & tons of bug fixes - yeah, there are bugs, but we're doing our best to squash them!

This update brings a lot of new amazing game templates and we'll be happy to hear your feedback! Come and join our official Super Spatial Discord server and let us know what you think.

That's all folks, let's create!


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