New Game Update - 0.19.0

May 5, 2023

Hello explorers,

we're here again with another amazing update. A lot has changed and we're here to show you everything! Are you ready to see all the news from the world of Super Spatial?

Here's a brief overview of the newest dazzling highlights:

  • Brand new town for you to enjoy! - And new characters waiting for you. Are you curious about who they are? Read on!
  • New keeper Oona in the town. - Oona is the one who will take you to the most amazing party islands and will rent you one if you want!
  • New keeper Fia in the town. - If you are polite enough to Fia, she will surely get you some new outfits!
  • Brand new mini-games templates: Totem Hunt & Burger Bonanza. - Do you prefer completing quests or creating your own obstacle course? It's up to you!
  • Amazing new functional blocks. - Slow down your opponents by using new amazing functional blocks in your gaming islands! Who's gonna win? 
  • Improved tutorial with a new Beginner Guide. - Are you a new player? Great! The onboarding will be a lot more funny and even easier!
  • New stickers in the Banker's Loyalty Program. - Can you complete all of them? 
  • UI improvements & tons of bug fixes. - Bugs occur and we keep squashing them. Your gaming experience will be even better!

Whether you've just started the game or you're an experienced player, we'll be happy to hear your feedback on the gameplay experience. Come and join our official Super Spatial Discord server and let us know what you think!

We recommend e-spatial-ly the new amazing Totem Hunt party island, we're sure you're gonna have a lot of fun!

That's all folks, let's create!


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