New Game Update - 0.18.0

April 5, 2023

Hello explorers,

we're here again with another update full of wonderful additions aiming to improve especially the early game experience! Are you ready?

Here's a brief overview of the newest dazzling highlights:

  • Choose your preferred gaming path - do you wish to become an architect, a designer or a game maker? 
  • New sets of exciting items corresponding to the gaming path of your choice!
  • Amazing waypoint arrows that will help you to find the right path to continue your adventure!
  • Improved character customization at the beginning of the game - choose your name and look right at the start.
  • Lots of bug fixes - we keep squashing the bugs!

Whether you've just started the game or you're an experienced player, we'll be happy to hear your feedback on the gameplay experience. Come and join our official Super Spatial Discord server and let us know what you think!

That's all folks, let's create!


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