New Game Update 0.16.0

February 22, 2023

Dear explorers,

here we are with another update this year. The atmosphere on the Lost Islands will change a little bit... Curious? Take a look at what awaits you.

Here's a brief overview of the newest dazzling highlights:

  • The brand new Blueprint widget is now fully available in Super Me - get a quick overview of all your blueprints and the ones you don't own yet!
  • Local notifications have been added to the game - you'll no longer forget about anything Super Spatial going on!
  • Dynamic shadows added to the game - the atmosphere on the Lost Islands will get a new look! 
  • A lot of bug fixes - yes, we were working hard to improve your gaming experience!

So what do you say, explorer? Do you enjoy the new additions to the game? Let us know your opinion, we'll be happy to hear your feedback! 

Let's create!


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