New Game Update 0.15.0

February 1, 2023

Hello explorers,

New Year, new opportunities, new challenges! 

Version 0.15.0 is now live and it is full of "Quality of Life" improvements that you'll surely enjoy. Already excited? So hurry up and take a look at what awaits you in this newest version of Super Spatial!

Here's a brief overview of the dazzling highlights:

  • New tap-to-build feature available now! Forget about the uncomfortable dragging of the objects from your inventory to the plot. Just tap on the item in your backpack and tap anywhere to place it. So easy!
  • Various improvements in Spatial Us - no need to click on the separate moments to see the number of visits anymore... Now you'll see the numbers right away!
  • Party Island editing rights and improvements - decide who will have the editing rights on your Party Island! Just you as a host or will you select any co-hosts to help you? ...or everyone? Your island, your choice!
  • Even more Quality of Life improvements - tooltips are now working better, Helper is more helpful than ever, tier-up in the Banker's Loyalty Program is now smoother and the system of notifications has been improved! Yay!
  • Snowball fight camera controls fixed - rotate your character and run anywhere while holding the snow in your hands. Now you can enjoy the snowball fight to the fullest!
  • Special effects are now displayed in the Spatial Us moments - whether you light the fireworks or turn your BFF into a snowman, you'll now have a proof if you post the picture of it to Spatial Us!
  • A looooot of bug fixes - we really did our best to squash the bugs!
  • Brand new widgets in Super Me: Home Plot & My Blueprints - what this will be about? It's your turn, explorer, let us know your ideas! 

Quite a lot of stuff done, right? And we're coming with some brand new features soon... Stay tuned, explorers! We hope you'll enjoy all these "Quality of Life" improvements and we're eager to hear your feedback.

Let's create!


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