Announcing Super Spatial

November 10, 2022

Welcome to Super Spatial!

The Dazzle Rocks team is proud to announce the open beta of Super Spatial, formerly known as the mysterious Project X... Thousands of players around the world have already joined the adventure in private beta, so we know you’re going to love it!

What is Super Spatial?

Super Spatial is an inspiring sandbox world and platform for adventurous creators, where players create entertainment for players! Use the intuitive customizable building blocks to quickly create anything from your dream home to vast interactive playgrounds – but wait, you’re not alone! Super Spatial is all about live multiplayer experience and building clever creations together.

Build your Super Me creative portfolio and make a name for yourself in the built-in Spatial Us social platform that makes sharing & discovering content and building your own following fun!

So throw away your worries and get away to a paradise island where your imagination can run wild. There is space for everybody in Super Spatial!

See you on the island,
Dazzle Rocks team


Stay in touch with the Super Spatial community! Invite your friends, give feedback and get the scoop on game updates.